People Are My Priority, Product Is My Passion

At the end of the day, the billions of people who walk this earth are the reason and inspiration for us creators to create. As creators, we must prioritize people over product and be conscious of the complex relationship between people, art and product. The line drawn at the intersection of art and capitalism is blurry and oft debated, but with the right balance; true and tangible impact is made.  

Manifest Destiny

Ben is one of the few creators who is relentlessly unwilling to conform to those around him

He is on an endless pursuit to make a name for himself, not the other way around

He doesn’t care what you think about him, yet is the one of the most self-aware creators you will meet

While he doesn’t need your stamp of approval, he has the unique ability to carefully listen and observe the people and places around him to deliver meaningful product they can relate to

That is who Ben is, he doesn’t see the world as random parts to an uncollected whole

He sees people and culture and not only wants to relate, but knows a connection exists that just needs to be stimulated


Growing up, I was surrounded by sprawling untouched natural and nautical landscapes juxtaposed to some of the biggest cultural centers in the United States. Through this paradox, I subconsciously gained an eye for balanced aesthetics and developed keen visual awareness. In 2015, my subconscious was enlightened and I dropped my Pre-Law program to study Design and Fashion. I currently reside in New York, New York pursuing these realizations and manifesting who I am in all of my creations.  


Specializes is commercializing design and concepts from inception to bulk production.  



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